Calendar Photo Contest


Your photo or ad could be in the 2018 calendar!

Enter your photos of Mason

Photos taken in 2016 or after are suitable for the 2018 calendar. Photos from all seasons are encouraged.

Please submit only photographs, either color or black and white. Printed photos should be un-mounted 5" x 7" (or larger) professionally processed photos. Please do not submit photos printed on a home computer or photo printer as these are unsuitable for reproduction. Digital versions of photos are encouraged but are not required. Please submit digital photos in JPEG or TIFF format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi and 8" on the longest dimension.

  • Photos become the property of the City of Mason once they have been submitted. We are sorry that we are unable to return photos. Whenever possible, the original layout of the photo will be maintained. The City of Mason reserves the right to crop photos to fit the calendar format. It is for this reason that horizontally oriented photos are strongly encouraged, but not required.
  • The contest is open to anyone regardless of residency. Photos taken outside of Mason Ohio city limits will be disqualified.
  • No compensation will be offered to the winning photographers. All photos submitted may be used elsewhere by the city. Winning entries will be used in the 2018 calendar.
  • Please submit your photos by Friday, May 19, 2017. Digital photos and entry forms can submitted to Photos may also be brought to the customer service counter at Mason Municipal Center, placed in the drop-off box on the passenger drop-off drive at Mason Municipal Center, or mailed to Calendar Photo Contest, Mason Municipal Center, 6000 Mason-Montgomery Road, Mason, OH 45040.
  • Please print your name clearly on the back of the photo or digital medium. Due to the popularity of this contest, we ask that you submit no more than three photos per person. Please be sure to include your name, address, phone, e-mail, photo title, and the location where the photo was taken with your entry. All contestants are required to submit entry forms along with their photos.

Thank you for your entry!

Ad space available in the 2018 calendar!

The cost of the calendar is supported by sponsorship ads from area merchants and service providers. Orders are now being accepted for ads in the 2018 calendar until July 28, 2017. To inquire about advertising your business, please call 513.229.8510 or e-mail us.

2018 calendar ad rates



2017 Calendar Winners


At the Council meeting on September 12, 2016 Mayor Kidd announced the photo winners for the City’s 2017 calendar

Winners from left to right:

  • January – Jayson Gomes
  • November – Rebecca Haas
  • September – Michael Greenstone
  • Cover & July – Warren Spreng
  • February – Jim Simpson
  • March – Amy Grimes
  • June – Jackie Chunko
  • April – Linda Prince


Winners not pictured include:

  • May – Chief Ron Ferrell
  • August – Leslie Kauffman
  • October – Jacob Burress
  • December – Prabhakar Sundaraajan


Thanks to all who submitted photographs.
2017 Calendars are available at the Mason Municipal Center located at 6000
Mason Montgomery Road, while supplies last.

For information on entering your photo for the next calendar, please visit


Warren Spreng
Celebrate Mason
2017 Cover







Jayson Gomes
Winter Sunset over Mason
January 2017








Jim Simpson
Snack Time
February 2017








Amy Grimes
Frosty Morning Swim
March 2017








Linda Prince
Hello Spring!
April 2017








Chief Ron Ferrell
Purple Reign
May 2017








Jackie Chunko
Kings Island Carousel
June 2017








Warren Spreng
Painted Turtles
July 2017








Leslie Kauffman
Autumn Harvest
August 2017








Michael Greenstone
Lakeside Drive Rainbow
September 2017








Jacob Burress
A Path to Autumn
October 2017








Rebecca Haas
Birthday Celebration!
November 2017








Prabhakar Sundaraajan
The Winter Sun
December 2017







Congratulations to all the 2017 Photo Calendar Winners!